An experience of living in South Korea

South Korea is known for its counterpart which is North Korea. There is a time when North Korea has made headlines because of its nuclear tests that were done not just once. It is also natural that South Korea would be mentioned. The armistice that had let the two countries not have war is still recognized until today. Let us know more about South Korea as there are many things that you can know about the country and its people that is very interesting.

The video above presents some of the things that let us know what is life in South Korea. There are other things that the country was known for just like in the music industry where they have many singers or performers who had also been known around the world. The country is also one of the country in Asia that is good to be a travel destination. This country is not just the country for experts in beauty physically but also home for the beauty of nature.

One sport that they like in South Korea is soccer. Many like to play it and also watch it. What is good in this country is that they have a good economy. The people could earn salaries and wages that can let them live a good life. It is also one where you can have a feast of food whether the vegetables or meat or seafood. There are many things that you can try from this beautiful and amazing place.