Common Problems Foreigners Face in Korea

Foreigners who visit Korea for the first time are very surprised to know about the Korean culture. Even if they already watched some videos online regarding the Korean culture, there are still things which foreigners are very surprised about. Each country differs in culture and practices. Just as each individual is different from each other, so are the nations. So foreigners who take a tour in South Korea will be shocked in terms of the behavior and manners of the Korean people towards the foreigners.

This is not a negative comment towards Korean people. The fact is that foreigners are not used to it. So for them, it is a culture shock. There are many cases in restaurants when some foreigners were greatly shocked about the kindness of the restaurant staffs. Foreigners were shocked and didn’t expect that the restaurant staff would even help their foreign customers on how to slice the meat for example. And in a cosmetics store, the staffs are sincere in wanting to help their customers. How beautiful is this eye clinic. Take a fantastic read so that you may be able to find this clinic interesting. If you have an eye problem, consult in here and you will be surely assisted

The things mentioned earlier are actually more on shock on the part of a foreigner. Instead of treating it as a problem, they are just surprised because the behavior and manners of restaurant crews and the sales ladies in their own country is quite different from that of Korea. And even if a foreigner can speak Korean fluently and communicate with a Korean, some Koreans would still regard that foreigner as a foreigner or a complete stranger. And as you can see most Koreans have problem with their eyesight. So they consult over this clinic to cure their cataract problem, open this That can also be regarded as a problem for some foreigners.