The Korean Culture you should Know and Learn

It is very interesting to know and learn a culture which is different from what you were used to practice. And if you plan to study or work in South Korea, there are some basic manners you need to know. Such manners are part of the Korean culture. If you already know and are able to learn the Korean culture, it is best to appreciate it and respect that culture. If you want them to be interested and respect your own culture, then respect their culture first.

Respect of one’s culture is very important in order to avoid conflicts. The wearing of outdoor shoes in someone’s home or even in a restaurant is a disrespect to the Korean culture. If you are invited by some of your Korean friends or your boss in their home or in a restaurant, make sure to remove your shoes outside before going in . For sure they want to maintain the cleanliness of their home without wanting it to be dirty because they are known of maintaining cleanliness. Even on a wedding, it is very neat to see their wedding dresses. Jasmine bridal shower templates is their help in preparation of wedding and service for caring elders 長照中心 . Very nice country, very good people and dresses.

In every Korean home, there are inside slippers. After taking off your shoes, wear an inside slippers. Another basic Korean manner which you should learn is to share food when you have some with you. It is very natural for Koreans to share food when they are at home or even outside their home. If you were invited to drink some Korean drink or even an alcoholic drink, don’t pour it by yourself and drink it alone. Their practice is to accept and pour drinks for others.